Dalang Fashion Town: a centre of potential in Shenzhen

Dalang Fashion Town is an ongoing development subsidised by the government, described as a world-class fashion centre. The complex is located near the Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center, where Intertextile Shenzhen Apparel Fabrics is due to take place in 2020.

“Dalang Fashion Town grasps the pulse of the era and seizes the momentum of the Greater Bay Area construction. It heads for the position of an international fashion industrial cluster, a shining star in the rise of this city by the South China sea. […] Dalang Fashion Town treats development as the priority task, talent as the first resource, and innovation as the first impetus.”

How Dalang Fashion Town represents China’s evolving garment industry

  • New positioning of China’s textile industry focuses on “technology, fashion and sustainability”
  • The complex will gather high quality and promotes rise of culture, original design
  • Supports the industry’s transformation from manufacturing to creative design
  • o China is experiencing a shift from Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) to Original Design & Manufacturing (ODM), and in more developed regions, upgrading to Original Brand Manufacturing (OBM)
  • The complex also represents high-tech domestic brands with high-performance fibres & innovation

Dalang, Shenzhen: the area at a glance

  • Area benefits from past decade of growth during China’s reform and “opening up”
  • In 2003, Dalang was identified as Shenzhen’s apparel industry cluster
  • Dalang’s industry produces around 50% of Shenzhen’s ladieswear brands
  • According to the China National Garment Association, Dalang garments account for 30% of all garments sold in China
  • Aims to protect resources, and draw on rich natural resources within the region
  • Plans to build a Fashion Academy to develop new talents
  • Plans to construct more hotels and transport connections for visitors

Brands in Dalang Fashion Town

  • Well-known domestic brands include Marisfrolg, ELLASSAY, YingEr, VERSINO and KALDENDIN, plus fashion enterprise HQs of EITIE, EACHWAY, MoreLine and Huaxing
  • As of the first quarter of 2019, 483 fashion enterprises settled in Dalang Fashion Town
  • More than 80% of these have their own brands
  • The complex also gathers 52 international fashion designers, 308 domestic fashion designers and 43 shop display designers
  • By November 2018, these brands produced 654 authorised patents for innovative apparel
  • The area enjoys extensive project cooperation with nearby universities, including Shenzhen University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University